If you wish to develop an e-commerce website or mobile app for your brand, we have a few options that we recommend to you for payment integration and online store feature, it also depends on your needs. But we do use a wide range of e-commerce platforms and we integrate both credit card/debit card, PayPal and offline payments. We also integrate others such as Stripe, Payeer, and more.

Security is our first and number 1 priority when developing apps and websites. We use the safest servers, safest codes, and we setup our apps to prevent third-party intrusions. 
We use the hosting of your choice, but we have our personal favourites that we like to recommend. Once you order our service, we can speak more about it.
Yes, we design apps with cross-device compatibility, we will design it in the same amount of time and same functionality.
Yes we do, we accept all bank transfers, send us a message or call to arrange your payment.


Happy to have you join us! I hope you will stay a while 😊